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Barack Obama “Sadam Hussein” and Joe “Biden Laden”

Posted by Murilo Romulo em outubro 19, 2008

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On November 4th, the World will know the successor of George W. Bush. Two weeks before the crucial day, the researches appoint the Democrat Barack Obama leading the electoral dispute. According to Reuters researches, the difference between Obama and the Republican John McCain reduced to 3 points. In the other side, the Gallup Institute appoints Obama with 10 percent of difference to McCain.

Probably, the biggest error of the Republican candidate was the offensive against your rival. During the lasts publics debates and parades, McCain and your vice, Sarah Palin, made several critics direct to Obama. Sometimes, they said Barack, whose parents are Muslims, is a terrorist. Curiously, Obama’s completely name is Barack Hussein Obama II. Incited by the Republican’s leaders, several electors began making apologies with Barack’s surname. It’s ridiculous the attitude taken by Palin and McCain. Recently, they said Obama is a extremist and promotes socialists ideas, principally because the Democrat told that he will help about 95 percent of population reducing the taxes.

Let’s see: a terrorist-socialist being elected president of the America? So funny, Mr. McCain; so funny, Ms. Palin. While they make accusations, Obama discuss for more than 100 thousand people in Saint Louis, Missouri. Many people believe that Palin is not prepared to be the vice-president of the United States. Probably she could get calm and stop making accusations. Less talk and more work, Republicans. Some people say America’s next president is “The Terrorist”. “The Terrorist” that legalizes gay marriage and abortions. Good, Sir.

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same

Ps: Probably I made some mistakes, my English is not so good, sorry. If you see some of them, please, advice.


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